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Ciarrone, Richard

Richard Ciarrone - (2012)  Richard Ciarrone was an outstanding basketball player at Lorain Catholic High School and Rich was named Lorain Catholic MVP as just a junior in 1976-77. During that campaign, he led the Spartans to a 14-6 record and a Class AA Sectional Championship. He averaged 16 ... More

Zvosec, Richard

Richard Zvosec - (2007)   More

Zolnay, Lewis “Lou”

Lewis "Lou" Zolnay - (1975)   More

Zinsmeister, Ralph “Babe”

thumb Helvetica; font-size: small;">Ralph "Babe" Zinsmeister - (1972)   More

Zelesky, Mike

Mike Zelesky - (1977)   More

Zaletel, Robert

Robert Zaletel - (2008) Sometimes, one “gets ahead of himself.” In Bob Zaletel’s case, he graduated from Lorain High School at the tender age of sixteen and was playing Division 1 college basketball by the time he was seventeen. Having started school early and then skipping a grade, he was always competing ... More

Yuricich, Matt

Matt Yuricich - (1998)   More

Yeckley, Edgar

Edgar Yeckley - (1970) · Captained 1905 Penn State University football team. · Named football All-American in 1905. · Earned 3 football and 3 basketball letters at Penn State. · Assistant football coach at Penn State and Case Tech. · President Cleveland Touchdown Club, longtime Cleveland boxing offici... More

Yeckley, William H.

William H. Yeckley - (1977)   More

Wright, Eddie

Eddie Wright - (2009) While attending Lorain High School from 1980 - 1984, Eddie Wright became one of the premier basketball players in the school history. As a "triple-threat" team-player, he combined leadership, tenacious defense, and high-scoring to help lead his teams through a four-year span of winning ... More

Worden, Dirk

Dirk Worden - (1991)   More

Worden, Jim

Jim Worden - (1980)   More

Wolfe, Clarence “Tubby”

Clarence "Tubby" Wolfe - (1975)   More

Wolf, Jack

Jack Wolf - (1998)   More

Wilson, Paul

Paul Wilson - (2006)   More

Willis, John “Big John”

John "Big John" Willis - (1971)   More

Williams, Virgil

Virgil Williams - (2006)   More

Wilker, Walter

Walter Wilker - (1978)   More

Wilhelm, Thomas A. “Tom”

Thomas A. "Tom" Wilhelm - (1998)   More

Wilczak, Ron

Ron Wilczak - (2001)   More

Weber, John “Hunce”

John "Hunce" Weber - (1992)   More

Weber, Henry “Heinie”

Henry "Heinie" Weber - (1992)   More

Waters, Ray “Cutsy”

Ray "Cutsy" Waters - (1986)   More

Wargo, Gabriel “Gab”

Gabriel "Gab" Wargo - (2000)   More

Walton-McCoy, Kimberly “Kim”

Kimberly "Kim" Walton-McCoy - (2005)   More

Walton, Harold

Harold Walton - (2007)   More

Walsh, Bob

Bob Walsh - (1988)   More

Walden, Mark

Mark Walden - (2011) The remarkable sports achievements of Mark Walden began at the Junior High School level where he participated in the 800 yard relay and the high-jump. His amazing record-breaking career at Clearview High school, clearly, establishes him as one of the greatest athletes in the school's ... More

Waitt, Walter

Walter Waitt - (2001)   More

Van Buren, William “Bill”

William "Bill" Van Buren - (1977)   More