Prize winners at 2015 LSHOF Golf Outing


Prize winners at 2015 LSHOF Golf Outing

The annual Lorain Sports Hall of Fame golf outing features a number of prizes for golfers. Here is a list of the prize winners at the 2015 LSHOF golf outing held on Aug. 2 at Fox Creek Golf and Racquet Club.

Three Flight Winners

Men: ($300 prize) – Team, Nick Schuka, score 57

Men: ($300 prize) – Team, Mike Beatty, score 64

Women: ($200 prize) – Team Dorsey, score 60


Par 3 Packages (assortment of gift cards)

Package A – Don Kordeleski

Package B – Terry Tomaszewski

Package C – Aaron Ceja Jr.


Hole Prizes

(each winner got $25)

Hole No. 1:  Men – Jamie Pavlich  …… Women – Chris Dorsey

Hole No. 9: Men – Troy Donaldson …… Women – Deb Timko

Hole No. 12: Men – Rich Stammitti ……  Women – Judy Kubasak

Hole No. 18: Men – Bobby Santana …… Women – Brenda Friend


Optional Mulligan, Hole No. 7

Chip Cline, won $100


50/50 Raffle

Winner Dan Yurovich got $280 and donated $145 back to the Lorain Sports Hall of Fame



(each winning team got $180)

Team Kucbel

Team Dorsey

Team King