2017 Banquet

Look through our banquet program book video

Here’s a quick video look through our banquet program book from the 2017 LSHOF enshrinement banquet, courtesy of Lorain Schools TV20. Lots of good information. 

Posted July 12, 2017


Video & Photos of 2017 LSHOF Enshrinement Banquet

Enjoy this video of the 2017 Lorain Sports Hall of Fame Enshrinement Banquet, courtesy of Lorain Schools TV20. Congratulations once again to all our new enshrinees!



Posted July 3, 2017


Check out the photo albums below with nearly 300 pictures from the May 4, 2017, Lorain Sports Hall Enshrinement Banquet, courtesy of the Lorain Schools TV20.

Posted June 20, 2017


News coverage of the 2017 LSHOF Enshrinement Banquet held May 4 at DeLuca’s Place in the Park can be found here and here.

The enshrinees include: 

Regular Category:
Michael Horne, basketball, Lorain Catholic
Meredith (Ferlic) Bingham, volleyball, Lorain Catholic
Matt Wilhelm, football, Elyria Catholic
Bill Morris, tennis, Lorain High
David Emerick, golf, Lorain Catholic
Senior Category:
John Telatnik, baseball, Lorain High
Norris Sinclair, track, Lorain High
Special Category:
David Dury, trainer, Admiral King
Team Category:
Admiral King Basketball, 1985-86


In addition to the enshinement, the banquet featured presentation of the 2017 J. Ed Uland Award and scholarship to Naz Bohannon as Lorain’s outstanding scholar-athlete (see more here).


 Posted May 5, 2017




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