1971 Lorain Catholic High School Football

Bottom Row – Greg Argenti, John Gilles, Kurt Stitak, Dennis DiFilippo, Mike Weber, Dan Marsico, Dan McBride,
Jim Brooks, Jim Callahan, Dan Reagan, Mike Lubinecky, Jim Dougherty, Dave Haponek
Second Row – Bob Golobich, Dave Spontik, Tom Leonard, Dave Ward, Mac Scofield, Joe Gutierrez,
Jim Straka, Jim Jenkins, Mike Bereznay, Rich Kubasak, Bob Flores, Tom Knipp, Bob Campo
Third Row – Dom Dougherty, Mike Pellitieri, John McDermott, Marty Heberling, Russ Lewis, Pete Richard,
Kevin Sweeney, Dave George, Tom Coughlin, Don McClear, Tim Garrity, Don Muzilla,
Earl Roberts, Jim Kendzel, Larry Olewinski
Top Row – Steve Lindsay, Alan Guzik, Ralph Waldecki, Dave Mihalic, Don Waite, Jeff Jesko, Len Gilles,
Alex Prosak, Jeff Dimacchia, Dave Olson, Mike Sullinger, Rich Helton,
Coach Bilancini, Coach Butler, Coach Rose

Lorain Catholic High School 1971 Football

The transition from The Fighting Irish of Lorain St. Mary to the Spartans of Lorain Catholic High School began in 1969. Coach Tim Rose set
forth the challenge to continue the tradition of excellence that had been established at St. Mary.

Lorain Catholic’s 1971 Football Team, a Class A school, ended with a team record of 9-1. The only loss came against Walsh Jesuit, a Class AAA
school. Knowing that the Spartans schedule would feature several AA and AAA schools that would outman and outweigh his teams, Coach Rose established off season weight training and conditioning programs that were ahead of the times. Detailed scouting reports and extensive film study prepared the Spartans mentally for each game. Hank Kozloski wrote a feature article about this Spartan team after their 14-0 upset
win over the Amherst Comets.

The 1971 Spartans were N.C.C. Champions for the second year in a row. They were ranked No. 1 in Class A Region 9 in the first year of Ohio’s computer ranking system. The Spartan offense averaged 24 points per-game scoring a total of 240 points. The Spartan defense recorded an amazing six shutouts, allowing only 58 points the entire season, for an average of only 5.8 points per-game