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Reagan, William

William Reagan, 2021 Bill Reagan has had a long and illustrious career in athletics … and it is not over yet. Reagan was born and raised in Lorain, Ohio, attended St. Mary and Lorain Catholic High Schools. At St. Mary’s he was a member of two North Central Conference Championship teams in football including 1967’s ... More

Boyle, Karen

Karen Boyle, 2021 Karen Boyle has been participating in athletics since 4th Grade CYO for St. Anthony’s School. Karen and girls’ varsity sports arrived at Lorain High School at the same time. She was a participant on the inaugural softball, gymnastic, and track teams at Lorain. She also lettered in basketball and ... More

Gregg, Chris

Chris Gregg, 2021 Chris Gregg grew up on the tough side of town. He began his athletic career in South Lorain. First as a youth playing grade school football for St John’s, then he did the same for the Warriors at Whittier Junior High School. The “new” school in town, Admiral King, was Chris’s next move. Because ... More

Jenkins, Otis

Otis, Jenkins, 2021 Otis Jenkins was a natural athlete. He gives a lot of credit to the tough playgrounds in his Campito neighborhood. Hall of Fame basketball coach Bob Walsh recognized his talent early on and encouraged him to come out for the team in 9th grade. He took sports seriously at the beginning of his junior ... More

Rush, Barry

Barry Rush, 2021 As a young football player, Barry Rush was cut from his 7th grade team. But, after witnessing Barry’s speed in P.E. class, the coach reversed his decision and put Barry back on the team. This twist of fate set Barry on the path to becoming the featured running back for the Lorain High Steelmen years ... More

Nickoloff Lindberg, Lisa

    Lisa Nickoloff Lindberg, 2021 Lisa Nickoloff Lindberg came upon her athletic talents naturally; her father, Tom, was inducted into the Lorain Sports Hall of Fame in 1989 for his outstanding baseball and basketball abilities. So with her enhanced DNA, it all began as a young girl exploring a variety of ... More

Villanucci, Vince

Vince Villanucci, 2021 Vince Villanucci is reminiscent of some of the other all-time great sports legends from Lorain. He acknowledges the toughness of the city led to a lot of his success. He also gives great credit to some of the best teachers and coaches that a person could ask for. His journey began at Lakeview ... More

Rebman Poli, Mary Lou

  Mary Lou Rebman Poli, 2021 The Rebman Family Legacy in the bowling industry continues with this year’s induction of Mary Lou Rebman-Poli into the Lorain Sports Hall of Fame as she joins her late father Dominic Rebman Jr, who received the honor in 1995. They are a rare father-daughter combo in any coveted ... More

Chet Caffarel, Anjeanette

Anjeanette (Anjie) Chet-Caffarel, 2021 Anjeanette (Anjie) Chet-Caffarel’s athletic and academic career at Lorain Catholic High School was one of dedication, perseverance, determination, and grit. Anjie not only was a standout on the basketball and volleyball courts but also participated in numerous school clubs and ... More

Balmert, Brad

Brad Balmert, 2021 Sailing is a great sport. It demands attention, creates challenges, and demands physical and mental abilities that more than earn competitive sailors the label “athlete”. Brad began sailing as a young toddler on his parents 18 ft. sailboat. Racing was also introduced early on as he competed in a ... More